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Reasons to Use Fans to Cool Your Home

Reasons to Use Fans to Cool Your Home

AC Repair in Vacaville

Once a luxury, air conditioning has become a necessity. Most homes in the country have air conditioners. When temperatures soar, your AC goes into kicks on which helps maintain the ideal house temperature. 

Many homeowners consider ceiling fans useless, which can’t be further from the truth. While ACs are all the rage these days due to their ability to cool down a warm room quickly, fans are still dependable options for cooling warm spaces. ACs are more effective than ceiling fans, but they also consume more electricity. 

Many AC experts recommend using fans with AC for cooling. This is a winning combination. Fans keep rooms well-ventilated and, when used in conjunction with your AC unit, produce better results faster.

Here are some benefits of using your fans with your AC to cool your home in Vacaville to help you avoid expensive repairs.

Reduce Your AC Costs  

It is no secret that an AC unit consumes more electricity than a fan. Many households are overly dependent on their AC units to cool their homes in summer. Running your AC all day will cause a significant increase in your electricity bill. 

An AC can cost 43 cents (or more) per hour to operate, whereas operating a ceiling fan costs just one cent per hour. Using ceiling fans with AC is a great way to lower your cooling costs. Fans can help take some stress off of your AC by helping the cool air circulate through your home faster. 

When you run your ceiling fans alongside your AC, the fans circulate conditioned air which makes the room feel even cooler. This allows you to set your thermostat several degrees higher than you would need to otherwise. 

On average, for every degree increase in temperature, the duration of “ON” cycles of the AC compressor goes down by 10%, helping save energy and reducing household carbon footprint.  

Reduce Load On Your AC 

Running your AC continuously will increase the wear and tear on it while shortening its expected service life. An overworked AC can develop major issues and you may end up with an expensive AC repair in Vacaville

Using your ceiling fans along with your AC is a simple, yet effective way to add years to the service life of your unit. On a moderately warm and clear day, ceiling fans can eliminate the need for running your AC constantly, reducing the burden on your air conditioner. 

There is a common misconception that fans are useless in winter. However, this is no longer the case. There are fans that come with a reverse function that allows them to circulate air both clockwise and counterclockwise. 

During the winter, you can set your fan with a reverse function to rotate clockwise. This will allow it to blow the warm air trapped near the ceiling downwards, making your room warmer.

Helps Remove Odors 

No matter how efficient your AC is, you may be unable to fall asleep if there is a strange smell around. Ceiling fans really get the air moving. Your ceiling fan will work alongside your AC unit to maintain indoor air quality. It can help get rid of any lingering odors in your room that are keeping you awake. 

Tips for Using Your Fan Alongside Your AC 

Remember these tips while using your fan with your AC:

  • Check If Your Fan is Spinning in the Right Direction: your fan should be spinning in the right direction or it may fail to provide the desired cooling effect. It should be pushing air down. When you stand directly under it, you should feel a breeze. If you do not feel a cool breeze, turn off your fan and flip the direction switch to change the direction of the blades.
  • Turn Up Your Thermostat: if you do not turn up your thermostat and use your ceiling fan with your AC, you will end up using more electricity than you would if you used just your AC. Turn your thermostat up by at least 2-3 degrees. 
  • Feeling warm? Don’t worry, your ceiling fan will create a gentle cool breeze, keeping you comfortable. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a homeowner using their ceiling fan with their AC can turn their thermostat up by four degrees without sacrificing comfort.
  • Turn Off Ceiling Fans in Unoccupied Rooms: many people wrongly believe that ceiling fans lower indoor temperatures. Ceiling fans do not actually cool the air, they simply make it feel cooler. Running a ceiling fan in an unoccupied room is a waste of both money and energy.  

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