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How Much Can You Save By Switching to Solar?

How Much Can You Save By Switching to Solar?

How Much Can You Save By Switching to Solar?

Many people go solar to reduce their carbon footprints, while others are more interested in cost savings. Switching to solar is a great way to reduce your dependency on the grid, and with what happened in Texas recently – it’s obvious that having a “Plan B” is always wise.

Depending on your solar system's capacity, your household energy needs, and your local climate; you can even go off the grid to further decrease or eliminate your energy costs and increase your yearly savings.

One of the first questions homeowners ask us is how much they can save by switching to solar energy. We typically see customers save 50% to 120% on their energy costs by switching to solar. As your local solar power experts, we enjoy helping homeowners see the many benefits of going solar! 

Solar Pays Off 

Solar energy is free. Since you’re harnessing the energy from the Sun, you don’t have to pay your utility company or anyone else for it. While the upfront costs of a solar system can seem high, the savings on your energy bill mean it will be paid for within just a few years. 

In fact, many people save so much energy by switching to solar that they end up having a surplus of energy. Households with surplus energy can sell it to the grid. Homes in this situation not only save money by switching, but they can also make money every month. 

Have solar and want to lower your true-up bill? Ask our solar experts today to dissect your energy bill and figure out the problem.

Factors That Affect Cost Savings 

How much you can save by switching to solar depends on a number of factors. To name a few, these include tax credits and government incentives, the price of your system, the amount of energy your system will produce, your average energy consumption, and your location. 

Here in Vacaville, it’s safe to say that we have plenty of sunny days to give your system the opportunity to maximize its energy output.

Tax Credits and Government Incentives 

Not enough homeowners know that the federal and state governments offer a number of tax breaks for installing solar panels to help ease the financial burden of going solar. The federal solar tax credit is among the most important incentives currently available to homeowners looking to go solar. 

First introduced via the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the federal residential solar energy tax credit allows a homeowner to deduct 26% of the cost of installing their solar system from their federal taxes (for systems installed between 2020 and 2022). Homeowners will get a 22% tax credit for systems installed in 2023, after which the credit will expire in 2024

These rebates and incentives aren’t around forever! Talk to the experts at Right Now Air & Solar today, let’s get you on the path to energy independence.

Depending on where you live in California, you can qualify for local solar rebates and can save thousands in tax credits. If you qualify for the Disadvantaged Communities - Single Family Solar Homes program, you may be able to claim additional rebates on your installation. 

Your Average Energy Consumption 

To determine how much energy you use, look at the back page of your latest electricity bill. The amount of electricity your household consumes will be mentioned in kWh. 

Determining how much energy you use is the first step in calculating how much energy you can save with a solar system and what size solar system you need. 

You will be using the energy produced by your solar system first. If your household uses more energy than your system can produce, the extra energy will be sourced from the grid. 


It's a well-known fact that solar systems work better on sunny days. On average, Vacaville gets 260 sunny days a year. If you install a solar system, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to harness the Sun’s rays. The more solar energy you use, the lesser your dependence on the grid and the more you save! 

Right Now Air & Solar is the premier solar power company in Vacaville. We don’t just help you install a system and forget about it. Our goal is to help you understand the range of benefits you can expect from going solar and being your partner on that journey. To learn more, schedule an estimate by calling (707) 240-8777.