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What Does Furnace Repair Service Include?

What Does Furnace Repair Service Include?

You probably already know that regular repair and maintenance is essential for the function and longevity of your furnace. However, you may be wondering what a furnace repair service actually consists of. This blog will give you a brief rundown of the process so that you know more or less what is being done to your furnace when you call out one of our technicians.

Here is the basic checklist that a technician would follow when checking, repairing, and doing maintenance on your furnace.

Inspection: First we check over everything to see what state your furnace is in and if there are any obvious problems. We look for cracks, wear and tear and any red flags that indicate an impending breakdown. This includes a series of checks that covers the heat anticipator settings, burners, limits, blower, igniter, pilot assembly, thermocouple, heat exchangers, combustion motor, filters, lubricants, pressure switch, and gas pressure. Gas and oil furnaces especially need regular checks due to the potential for dangerous leaks.

Cleaning: Before any major repairs happen, cleaning is the first task. Dirt and dust gather quite quickly on the blower, fans, drain lines, and coil. We conduct a careful and professional cleaning on the furnace to clear up these parts and facilitate proper function.

Lubricating: We check the lubrication on all moving parts. Lubrication can dry up pretty rapidly in the cold season as moving parts work for many hours continuously. This can lead to motors getting damaged and even seizing.

Replacement and repair: Finally, any parts that are no longer functioning are either replaced or repaired as necessary or applicable.

There you have it – you’re a little wiser as to how furnace repair service works. Luckily for you, you don’t really need to know too much more about it – simply call out a furnace repair technician to take care of it for you. Right Now Air & Solar is a company dedicated to professional heating, air conditioning, and solar power systems. If you need furnace repair and maintenance services in the Vacaville area and surrounds, look no further. Contact us for more information.