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How Do You Know When to Get a Furnace Replacement?

How Do You Know When to Get a Furnace Replacement?

A good furnace is meant to last for a long time – anywhere between 15 and 20 years. This means that having it replaced is not something you will have to worry about very often. As a homeowner, you most likely have a furnace that was already installed in the building when you moved in – and so you may not be sure about the age of your heating system. So how do you know if your furnace will need replacing? Here are some signs for you to look out for, which will tell you when the time has come to think about a furnace replacement.

Drastic changes in energy costs

If you notice a sudden and marked increase in your energy costs, this is a strong indication that your furnace’s efficiency is declining. It could simply mean that it needs repairs or that a particular part needs replacing. However, it could also mean that the entire system has reached the end of its lifespan. Call a furnace technician to check.

Increase in dust, dirt, soot, or rust

If you start to notice more dust, soot, dander, or other particles in your home, it’s a very strong sign that your heating system needs to be replaced.

Changes in humidity levels

Your heating system should not be drying out the air in your home. If you notice that the moisture in the house is decreasing and the air is getting dry – often with some impacts on your family’s health – it can mean that your furnace isn’t operating properly.

Uneven heating

As your furnace gets older, it becomes more difficult for it to push heat evenly around a building. So if you find that some parts of your home are not heating to the same level as others, you need to get your furnace checked.

Unusual noises coming from the furnace

If you’re hearing unusual hums, rattles, or buzzes, there may be cracks, leaks, or other issues in your furnace – and it may need to be replaced.

You’re calling technicians out too frequently

If you’re calling out technicians to deal with constant breakdowns and issues, it’s more than likely that the whole system needs to be replaced.

Of course, the best way to know if you need a furnace replacement is to get a professional to have a look. Right Now Air & Solar is a company dedicated to professional heating, air conditioning, and solar power systems. If you’re in doubt regarding the life and function of your furnace, contact us to take a look.