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Why is my air conditioner freezing up?

Why is my air conditioner freezing up?

You may be surprised to find your air conditioner or its refrigerant line froze solid with ice on a hot summer day. It’s also likely that warm air is blowing through your vents. If you do, stop what you are doing and immediately turn off your air conditioner. Then set your fan to “On”. This will defrost your system and prevent damage.

Now you may be wondering, “How can my air conditioner freeze like that when it’s so hot outside”? The following are common causes of your air conditioner freezing up:

Inadequate airflow
Proper airflow is important to the functioning of your air conditioner. Your air conditioner pulls the air from inside your home and blows it over the evaporator coil. Refrigerant running through the coil absorbs the heat then cool air is circulated throughout your house. Without adequate airflow over the coil, it gets too cold and any moisture build-up can cause the coil and your air conditioner to freeze up.

The following are common causes of inadequate airflow:

  • A dirty air filter – Check your air filter every month and change it when it’s dirty.
  • Blocked return grills – Make sure your return grills are free from obstruction.
  • Closed supply vents – Keep your supply vents open if your air conditioner is running.
  • Bad blower motor –  Contact Right Now Air & Solar professionals to help.
  • Damaged ductwork – Leaky and/or kinked ductwork can interrupt proper airflow.
  • Dirt on the evaporator coil – Will does not allow air to properly cool.

Refrigerant low
If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, pressure drops in the system which causes the temperature to drop as well. When the evaporator coil’s temperature drops below freezing, moisture in the air will freeze as it comes in contact with the coil forming ice. Low refrigerant usually means there is a leak somewhere.

If your air filter is clean, your return grills are unobstructed, your supply vents are open, your blower motor is working, your ductwork looks good and your evaporator coil is clean but your air conditioner is still freezing up, you may need to call professionals to further assist you.