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6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

AC Repair in Vacaville, CA

The air conditioner is one of the most important inventions of modern times. No matter how hot it gets outside, your air conditioning system maintains a comfortable home temperature. 

Though ACs are more effective at cooling indoor living spaces than fans, they also consume more energy. Are the rising air conditioning bills giving you sleepless nights? Here are some tips to lower your cooling costs. 

Periodically Change Your Filters

AC filters trap common pollutants such as pollen, dander and dust, and dirt particles. Over time, they get clogged with dust and dirt. Clogged air filters affect the efficiency of the system. 

AC repair experts in Vacaville, CA, and other parts of the area recommend changing filters at least once every three months. If you have senior citizens, kids, or pets at home, consider replacing AC filters more frequently (once every month).

Use a Programmable Thermostat  

Still using a manual thermostat? Consider upgrading to a programmable model. A programmable thermostat can help save energy by adjusting temperatures while you are away or asleep. 

The Department of Energy estimates that an average homeowner can save up to 10 percent annually by adjusting their temperature by 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day.

Reduce Your Home’s Heat Gain 

Keep windows and blinds closed when the sun is shining. To improve cross ventilation and airflow, leave your blinds and windows open at night. 

If possible, avoid using heat-generating devices such as television, ovens, and laptops when your AC is running. Consider using a microwave instead of an oven for cooking. Plant some shade trees outside your windows.

Seal or Upgrade Your Windows 

If your windows are poorly sealed, they will leak conditioned air, making your AC work harder. To prevent this from happening, caulk leaks or cracks, and weatherstrip your windows. 

Old windows might not be energy efficient. Consider replacing them with new energy-efficient windows. Though some upfront cost is involved, you will save more on your heating and cooling bills in the long run.

Use Ceiling Fans 

Ceiling fans can help circulate conditioned air. With a ceiling fan running, you can increase your thermostat setting by 2-4 degrees. You save about one percent for each degree of thermostat adjustment (per eight hours).

Keep Up With Maintenance  

Have your system maintained by an HVAC expert at least once every year (preferably before summer). Regular maintenance gives your technician opportunities to diagnose and nip AC problems in the bud.

No matter how serious your heating or cooling problem is, the team at Right Now Air & Solar can help. We are committed to helping our customers avoid expensive repairs. Our technicians get to the root of AC problems and eliminate them. To schedule an appointment, call (707) 447-3999.