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How to determine if your furnace or air conditioner needs a tune-up

How to determine if your furnace or air conditioner needs a tune-up

1. Remove furnace front panels. Turn on your furnace and observe the color of the flame. If the flame is varied orange and yellow in color, the gas section is not operating properly. This could be caused by improper gas pressure adjustments, dirty burners, or dirty or plugged orifices.

  • Service extends heat exchanger life span and improves combustion for cleaner flue gas discharge.
  • Avoids high levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Saves energy costs.

2. Observe the area around the blower motor assembly. If this area is dirty, it should be removed, cleaned, and lubricated to provide proper airflow. Restores proper airflow and lowers airflow noise.

  • Restores proper airflow and lowers airflow noise.
  • Reduces bearing wear.
  • Maintains proper amperage.
  • Saves energy costs.

3. Does your furnace cycle on and off more frequently than normal? Your thermostat may be out of calibration, causing excessive temperature swings or your filters may be excessively dirty or need to be replaced.

  • Adjust thermostat calibration.
  • Clean filters lower energy usage and extend equipment life.

4. During cooling operation does your house take longer to cool than normal?

  • Check filters to be sure they are clean.
  • Check indoor coil for dirt and mold.
  • Dirty filters cause low airflow and increased energy usage.

5. Check your outdoor condenser unit to make sure any leaves, grass, or debris are not blocking air flow through the coils.

  • Check condenser coils for dirt and oily film. Clean if necessary.
  • Coil blockage or restriction causes increased energy usage and increased the likelihood of an expensive service repair.
  • Service lowers energy usage.
  • Cover condensing unit during the winter to maintain cleanliness.

If your utility bill is increasing abnormally, your furnace or air conditioner is probably not operating at its peak performance level. If any of the above problems are found, you should contact Right Now Air & Solar for a tune-up. Keeping your equipment maintained will save 15-20 percent per year on utility bills.