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Why is my air conditioner so loud?

Why is my air conditioner so loud?

Are you wondering why your air conditioner is so loud? Air conditioners are large machines that have lots of moving parts; therefore it’s not uncommon to be noisy. You can expect older machines to be louder than newer machines as designs have improved over the years to decrease noise.

Even the normal amount of noise might be more than what you want to hear. You can have an HVAC professional advise you of noise-reducing options like adding sound blankets. Your system may just need some parts lubricated or the fan cleaned.

If your air conditioner is making sounds you haven’t heard before or if it’s much louder than normal, you may have a problem. A few common sounds are:

Rattling – Rattling noise coming from an exterior A/C unit can be from leaves, sticks, or other debris falling into the vents or loose bolts, screws, or fasteners. The sound could also be coming from the compressor. As the motor begins to age it may get louder.

Squeaking – Squeaking is a sign that your fan blade may be imbalanced or dented. If the blade is damaged it will need to be replaced.

Grinding – A Grinding noise usually means that there is something wrong with the fan motors such as a worn bearing.

Popping – You may hear popping noises in your ductwork which points to a problem in your ductwork rather than your air conditioning unit. Ductwork ages and may require maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency.

Hissing – Hissing is another noise that can indicate a ductwork problem but could also be coming from the A/C unit which usually means there is a refrigerant leak.

If you are still worried about the noise your air conditioner is making, Right Now Air & Solar can help!