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Solar power system installation for churches

Solar power system installation for churches

Rising energy costs are motivating more people to explore alternative sources of power like solar. Going solar is not considered an expensive expenditure but rather an intelligent investment. That’s why not only homeowners are making the switch, businesses and non-profits are reaping the benefits of solar power too.

Although non-profits like churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and other houses of worship cannot take advantage of tax credits, they can still benefit by going solar. While tax credits can cut a portion off your initial down payment, it’s the reduced utility spending over time that really contributes to your return on investment.

Also, solar installations are getting both easier and cheaper. Since 2009, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), costs for non-residential solar installations have dropped around 73%, from around $7.50 per kilowatt to today’s cost of about $2 per kilowatt.

Some solar companies offer different options to non-profits that make going solar easier and more beneficial. Right Now Air & Solar provides a pre-paid lease option that includes labor on all your equipment for the life of the manufacturer’s warranty and a discount off the price of the system equal to half of the current federal solar tax credit. That’s 15 percent off of your system and installation.

Solar installations are often coupled with other improvements to make a building more energy efficient like replacing outdated HVAC systems or adding insulation. While these improvements cost money they can significantly reduce energy use and extend solar power further.

Religious organizations that go solar set a good example for the community by demonstrating commitment to environmental stewardship. Contact us today!